Not another Hebridean blog

Yes, I’m afraid so. However, I haven’t just moved here and I’m not renovating a house, or trying to get into crofting. I won’t be posting endless photos of the aurora borealis either, although that’s mostly because I miss the best displays by generally being a bit slower on the uptake than my camera-wielding neighbours.

Hebridean is just who I am. I was born here and Gaelic was my first language. It’s part of my identity, as is being a widow and a lecturer. The most important feature of my identity, though, is that I am a Christian. This isn’t an accident of birth, but the working of God’s grace, for which I am humbly grateful every day.

I will be talking about Christ, about bereavement, about Gaelic, about history, about what I’m reading, what I’m writing and what I’m doing. It’s hopefully going to be therapeutic for me and might help get my writing mojo back in time to actually finish that PhD I’m working on.

Come with me, or drop in when you feel like it. Comment, disagree, debate – I’m not precious about my opinions.